When You’re Involved In A Dispute

If you are involved in a dispute with your builder, we know first-hand how difficult the situation can be. You’re not the first. Disputes occur between clients and their builder all the time for a variety of reasons.

Once communication breaks down between two parties, an unbiased third party is needed to step in. BIAS has the right mix of building knowledge and expertise to objectively view the issues and can recommend solutions that will deliver a positive outcome.

We are skilled at assisting homeowners in:

  • Disputes with the builder where the quality of work is unacceptable
  • Identifying specific building codes that are not being followed
  • Negotiations on your behalf about work you thought was included in the quote but wasn’t completed
  • Deadlines that are not adhered to, creating stress for you
  • Creating professional remediation reports suitable for submission as evidence in court
  • Representing you in the Building Commission or Magistrate’s Court, if the situation escalates


Did you know that around 80% of mediation fails? Our team is skilled at facing Building Commission, State Administrative Tribunal, and Magistrate’s Court for a variety of property and construction disputes, and has what it takes to comply with being deemed an Expert Witness and accurately referring to Building Code regulations. BIAS staff used to even work at the Building Commission, so we know the ins and outs to present your case to their high technical requirements and in the best possible light.

We’ll save you a lot of stress in trying to tackle an uncooperative builder alone, especially if you don’t have access to the correct terminology, building regulations, or construction knowledge to enforce a satisfactory
resolution under mediation.

On your side you will have someone with:

  • A proven track record of successful dispute resolution.
  • Experience actually having worked at the Building Commission, as well as attending hearings on behalf of both homeowners and builders.
  • Qualifications in the contractual and building code legalities of construction, and how to resolve conflicts/disputes with builders.
  • Technical and legal knowledge combined with proven impartiality, confirming to requirements of the WA magistrate’s court definition of being your ‘expert witness’.
  • Experience at the ‘mediation’. It’s hard to negotiate when there’s feelings flying around. You need
    someone who can communicate with both parties and is respected.

Our inspection staff have all managed building companies in the past and have attended Building Commission and court hearings before, so we know how to approach building industry mediation.


BIAS follows a procedure for every mediation project to ensure the investigation is thorough and works are completed to industry standards. BIAS IS ALL ABOUT ACHIEVING POSITIVE OUTCOMES FOR OUR CLIENTS.

  • Site visit to view, document, and photograph works
  • Report prepared on necessary rectifications
  • Both parties presented with findings
    BIAS inspects any new & rectified work
  • If situation requires escalation, BIAS prepares statement for a Building Commission complaint referring to breached building codes, standards or regulations necessary for legal action